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Introvert or Extrovert Project Manager - It Really doesn’t matter!

Who are most likely to be introverts on your project team?

Your engineers, developers, subject matter experts - in fact most technical experts will in all likelihood exhibit these traits. You will notice they like explanations, logic, reasoning and a good understanding of how they contribute to the project; they think more than they speak. They probably (but not all of the time) don’t thrive on the 'softer' relationship building roles - like sales, HR and recruitment.

So, you're an introvert PM?

If you are an introvert PM (because, if you’re a certain 'age’ you are more likely to be an 'accidental project manager' due to your technical background…we all recognise that situation!) you will without doubt thrive on the process, organisation, logistic, detail and analysis needed to get the job done. You will still however understand your team, how they work, what makes them tick - the informal and formal structures needed to be a success.

So, don’t worry if you don’t feel like a 'typical' project leader - you are more than able to lead your team, motivate, coach and guide them. Although, almost certainly it will be achieved through quiet, small touches on the tiler to move in the right direction using persuasion and detailed influencing.

The only caution - your boss (again, in today’s environment and likely to be of a certain age!) will more than likely be an extrovert so they will miss your subtler approach. You need to keep this in mind.


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