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Covid-19: Adapting to Agile when WFH

Businesses that regularly adapt and change at speed, that have high levels of innovation and great customer focus have been shown to benefit through adopting an agile framework – and these are NOT JUST in the software and IT sectors.

The agile mindset and methodologies are well suited during these changing times and can easily be adapted and used effectively when working remotely. This article describes the benefits and tips to maximise the use of agile and its philosophy both now and in preparation for the future.

How can the Agile mindset help in these uncertain times?

  • Agile provides rhythm and cadence for work. When things are ambiguous and nothing feels certain, agile provides regular patterns to move work forward. This cadence brings with it rituals to help with your state of mind and brings a sense of much-needed normality.

  • Agile allows for quick shifts. In these times is likely your business will need to make frequent and unplanned adjustments to priorities, approaches or work. Agile by its nature is especially well-suited as it breaks work down into small chunk – this allows for easy shifts because work has been planned in smaller portions and over shorter time periods.

  • Agile gives empowerment. It gives the ability for team members to make the necessary calls as they work through projects to help ensure speed and responsiveness; its gives autonomy in decision making so work is completed faster.

Typically Agile works because its team members are in close proximity with plenty of face-to-face interaction. This can however be easily adapted when working remotely. It relies on team members keeping in constant contact via remote apps and being 'online & available' 100% of the time. (or as close to as possible)

Also, when all members of a team are remote, it may actually help the interactions because it equalises participants involvement in 'stand ups' and meetings. As opposed to a non-proportional balance where only a handful of teams members are remote and the others are face to face.

Tips and Changes to your Ways of Working

Time-box your work. Set limits on timing for tasks helps ensure nothing takes longer than it should and there’s a sense of urgency around the highest priority tasks.

Inspect and adapt. Constantly inspect your work for quality and adapt accordingly.

Pause and learn. Rather than 'ticking a box' and moving to the next task, pause, reflect and ensure you are learning and adjust as necessary.

Take a simple, ordered approach. Make a list of what must be accomplished, prioritise it and take one thing at a time.

Using an Agile mindset can help you and your teams succeed in the changing COVID-19 environment & more importantly beyond this. Times are changing, work is no longer based on individual, sequenced and predictable tasks – adopting an Agile mindset will help you and your business embrace complexity in these uncertain times but just as importantly be ready to adapt in the 'brave new world'

If you would like more information or details on how 3PCubed can help you adapt during these times or to ready your business for the future then please get in touch through one of the following routes.

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