Project Controls

3PC offers a full range of services and capabilities. We don't only specialise in the capabilities described below, we also have a depth and breadth to allow us to work with you to review your unique requirements, and derive a tailor made service to support your

on-going business objectives. 

Risk Management

3PC has extensive experience to provide tailored risk management services. At the most basic level this ranges from a simple risk register and management, up to more sophisticated levels where we can help establish  and implement enterprise solutions, software assessment and implementation programmes.


We can also offer Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS) on your behalf to minimise your resource overhead yet reduce risk exposure to your business. 

Earned Value Management

Earned  Value  Management (EVM)  is  a fundamental and effective  project  control tool   based  on  a  structured

approach  to  planning,  cost  collection  and  performance  measurement.  Due to its approach of   integrating  project  scope,  time  and  cost  objectives  and establishing a robust baseline,  it is perhaps one of the most useful performance  measurement tools for your projects.

Here at 3PC we recognise this is often a prerequisite for your clients and that it can  look onerous to you and your business. Therefore we  can guide you on all aspects of EVM, whether it's introducing it into your business, communicating its benefits to stakeholders, establishing and launching EVM, provide training to performing an independent EVM baseline review.

Establishing successful EVM will allow your business to see benefits such as


  • providing data to enable objective measurement of project status;

  • providing a basis for estimating final cost;

  • predicting when the project will be complete;

  • supporting the effective management of resources;

  • providing a means of managing and controlling change.

Planning, Schedule Reviews and Criticality

Having a robust schedule, linked to a project plan and delivery strategy is fundamental to project success. Here at 3PC we  can offer an end to end service to deliver an integrated and resourced schedule, critical path analysis and criticality checks to completing schedule reviews based on 3PC 14 point health checks.


In addition we are able to place dedicated planning resource, deliver training or help you in selection and recruitment process.

Recovery Planning

Recovery planning is closely linked to 3PC Health Checks and is often the agreed next steps  to  restoring a project to deliver the outcomes, benefits and measures of success.


3PC recovery  will focus  on developing a recovery project plan  to convergence with the project objectives, measures of success and benefits.   The recovery plan will begin with the end in mind and will use well defined project controls and management system to achieve the plan.

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